Please Report Suspected Child Abuse +1-800-422-4453
May 22

CACW is a membership association dedicated to promoting a statewide comprehensive and multidisciplinary team response to allegations of child physical and sexual abuse, utilizing a child focused model that adheres to the National Children’s Alliance philosophy. CACW does not provide direct services, but works to support the efforts of the individual CACs and their multidisciplinary teams at a statewide level.

Who should be a member? Child advocacy centers, multidisciplinary teams, child protection teams and those interested in or involved in developing a child advocacy center

Benefits of Membership

  • Increased access to training
  • Increased access to experts in all aspects of child advocacy center movement, including but not limited to multidisciplinary teams,  child abuse medical examinations, forensic interviews, court preparation and advocacy
  • Accesss to networking with those involved in the CAC movement in Wyoming and elected officials
  • Funding opportunities
  • Help understanding and reaching NCA accreditation of standards
  • Help starting and supporting a child advocacy center in your community

If You Suspect Child Abuse

Report suspected abuse immediately. A suspicion, not proof, is required to make a report.